Trail Reports

Open Trails Update

December 6, 2018
An updated report this Thursday morning from Forestry regarding trails that are open today:
Mercer area: Trail 17 from Hwy 51 (Lazy Aces) north to Hurley.
Hurley area: Trail 17
Trail 8 from Cty G to West Branch Rd
Trail 8B
Trail 13C
Trail 77
Trail 2 & 2A
Trail 15A
Trail 13 to Island Lake Rd
Trail 15 Hogsback to Island Lake Rd
Trail 11A
Trail 6
The remaining trails are closed due to low snow and/or wet conditions. The Snowmobile Clubs will be assessing trail conditions on a daily basis and will open them on a trail by trail basis notifying the Forestry Department and Chambers of Commerce of the changes. Early riding conditions exist and water crossings are not considered safe. Please use caution!!

Trails Set to Open…

December 5, 2018

Trail Report

December 5, 2018

Condition: Early Season

**NEWS ALERT** Iron County Snowmobile Trails will open Thursday December 6th. Please expect early season riding. You will encounter some wet areas, some areas with thin snow, and not all trails have been groomed. At this time Wednesday afternoon, the only trail we have groomed is Trail 17 (the grade) from Lazy Ace heading north, this trail is fair to good with a nice base. Trail 182 will remain closed for this weekend. The gate at Hwy 51 past Lazy Ace. will remain closed until Vilas County opens their trails. Also, Trail 8A is not passable and will remain closed until we can complete a snow bridge. At this time the lakes are not marked and ice conditions vary this time of year, please use extreme caution. As we continue to groom more trails we will keep everyone updated. Let’s Ride!

Trails Are Closed

March 19, 2018

All Iron County snowmobile and ATV trails will be closed effective Monday, March 19, 2018 at midnight. Gates along the trails will be closed.

All ATV trails will remain closed until break-up conditions recede. ATV trails will open on a trail-by-trail basis as trail conditions dry up and have been inspected for washouts and grade integrity. This is estimated to be mid-May.

Thank you for your cooperation during this seasonal transition time.

Winding Down

March 19, 2018

Trail Report

March 19 2018

Conditions Poor

More warm weather last week did a number on the trails. As of today the county has not closed the trails yet, so you are still able to get out to ride and in fact was saw a few sleds running around this past weekend but it is getting harder and harder to access the woods trails. If you want to run around the flowage or out in the woods you still can, but for the most part the bulk of the trail system is no longer rideable. Thank you everyone for a great season and for supporting the Mercer Area SnoGoers!

Still able to ride…

March 12, 2018

Trail Report

March 12 2018

Conditions Fair to Poor

No set date for trails closing in Iron County. Trails were fair through the weekend they will deteriorate with the warm weather though this week. Sleds are out and about reporting hit and miss conditions. Overall the conditions are poor but yes you can still ride.

Last Day of Feb…

February 28, 2018

Trail Report
February 28, 2018
Conditions- Vary

With two warm days behind us and a few more to go the trails have taken a hit as the meltdown has begun. Riders are still reporting good trails in the woods, going to the flowage, and around the area, but the in town, town roads, and railroad grade are melting away fast. As soon as you get out of town and into the woods the trails are Good. Some colder temps and possible snow next week leaves us to say we are not done yet. The 12″ received last week has added to our base. Our advice is next weekend might be better than this weekend, but if you want to ride you can find some good riding!

4 More Inches…

February 21, 2018
Trail Report
Feb 21 2018
Conditions Good
We received 4″ of snow this week and the groomers were out all day yesterday improving our trails. All trails are being reported as Good. However, this time of year conditions change rapidly, high amounts of traffic and direct sun light can change trail conditions in a matter of hours. Everyone who has been riding this week since the snow has reported good riding all around the area. With temps in the 30’s next week this is the time to get up here and ride! On Saturday we will be having a Breakfast Fundraiser at Around the Corner Pub, please stop in and support our club. All money raised goes towards trail maintenance. Ride Safe!

February 13, 2018

Monitoring a little warm up this week, but after Wednesday we drop back down to normal temps and have a chance to pick up a little Lake Effect snow. Trails as of today are still in Good Condition with some areas reporting icy corners and Trail 17 (the grade) being thin. Overall excellent riding this week reported by all riders. This Saturday is the Gateway Lodge Breakfast Fundraiser, please be sure to stop out and support the club. All money raised goes to trail maintenance.

Good Weekend to Ride…

February 7, 2018

Trail Report
February 7, 2018
Conditions: Good

Below are some pictures taken from our Groomer Driver last weekend. As you can see most of our trails are in GOOD condition. During the weekend with lots of traffic you may find some icy corners and the Railroad Grade (Trail 17) is thin. Overall, everyone we have been talking about this week has been reporting good trails all around the area including our trail system. Temperatures will remain below freezing in the extended forecast and lake effect snow still shows up when it wants to. We are projecting this to be a GOOD weekend to be riding the Mercer Area Sno Goers Trail System. Please ride safe and have a great weekend!

Warm Up…

January 30, 2018

Trail Report
January 30 2018
Conditions Fair to Good

The warm weather last weekend really hurt us. We had a lot of melting and some trails took a beating. Riders are still out and about with some reporting Good Conditions out of town, most sledders in town are still putting on a lot of miles this week as the trails are defiantly rideable. Trail 17 (the grade is Poor with some gravel coming through), Trail 10 and 12B to the flowage are Fair condition with icey corners. The remainder of the system is still Good Condtion as the woods really protected direct sun light. We have been hit again by logging on most of our town road trails, watch for plowed down roads on Island Lake Rd, Circle Lilly Rd, Cramer Lake Rd, and Cedar Lake Rd; this is an issue we are working on for the future. This Saturday is our Club fundraiser at the Wolf’s Den Bar & Grill inside the Great Northern Hotel. Stop in from 11am till 2pm for a Chili Feed and Brat Fry, all money raised will go to grooming the trails. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the club and remember to Ride Safe!