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Latest Report 03/04/2024

Trail Report

January 6, 2023
Trail Report: 01/04/2023
8- excellent
8a- good (swamp still not groomed in middle)
9- good
9a- good
10 & 10a- good (complete grooming operations)
10e- great (some logging)
11- good
12-poor (very wet hole) travel not advised
14- good
17n- good
17s- good
19- great
19b- not groomed (log hauling)
20- excellent
21- good
51e- good (main swamp is ungroomed)
182b- poor (wet spots) not groomed
182- poor (wet spots) not groomed
Grooming operations are at about 75 percent. We are working new areas daily. The busy weekend set our base back a bit but new snow that we received should improve the system.
Upcoming Events:
January 14th- Winter Blast

Trail Report

December 29, 2022
  • 8- Excellent
  • 8a- Good
  • 9- No Report
  • 9a- No Report
  • 10&10A- Good
  • 11- No Report
  • 12- Poor (Not Groomed)
  • 12A&B- Great (Swamp at Beavers Resort ungroomed)
  • 14- No Report
  • 17N- Good
  • 17S- Great
  • 19- Good
  • 19B- Poor due to logging
  • 20- Excellent
  • 21- Not Groomed
  • 51E- Good (Swamps not groomed)
  • 182- Grooming starting 12/29
  • 182B- Grooming starting 12/29

Please stay off lakes until marked, expect early season riding conditions. Early snow loads build base but also creates a lot of work and makes it more difficult getting around swamps.

Trails Open Friday, December 16th

December 15, 2022

The Mercer, WI trail system will open Friday, December 16th at 7:00am. All of Iron County will be open, please follow the White Thunder Riders and our Facebook page for detailed trail info. Both clubs are out today working the trails after last nights storm. Please stay off the lakes until they are safe and marked, swamps may be wet and you’ll still experience early season riding conditions. See you all up here!

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