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Trail Reports

Trail Status CLOSED

Last Groomed CLOSED

Base Snow N/A

Latest Report 03/04/2024

Trail Report

February 25, 2023

With recent snow accumulations our trails are in great condition, get up here and ride!

Trail Report

February 12, 2023

With the warm temps we have been receiving, road routes and crossings are becoming bare. We are also halting grooming operations during the daytime but will resume at night as long as temps are below freezing. There is snow in the forecast for later this week so keep your snow dances coming. We will update conditions as frequent as possible as they are rapidly changing. Thank you all!

Trail Report

January 21, 2023
Trail Report: 01/18/2023
8- good
8a- good (swamp still not groomed in middle)
9- fair
9a- fair
10 & 10a- fair
10e- fair
11- good
12-very poor (very wet hole) travel not advised
12a&b- fair
14- fair (half plowed) logging
17n- fair / poor
17s- fair
19- good
19b- fair
20- good
21- good
51e- fair
182b- very poor (wet spots) travel not advised
182- very poor (very wet spots) travel not advised
On this weekday report the recent rain and warm temp have hurt our trail system. We are hoping for cold temps and some new snow.
Swamps are not freezing or staying froze this year due to warm temps.
Trails 12 & 182 have large wet areas on them and are not passable. (We are working on solutions and/or ways around those issues)

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