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Early Season Riding Continues

December 28, 2016

The flowage has been staked from Gateway Lodge to Sunken Horse Saloon to Trail 9C to Camp 1 to Donner’s Bay Resort.  Please use caution as there are spots of glare ice.  Reports of little slush.  As for the trails, the groomers have been out but it is impossible to keep up as there is little snow in the woods and the grade is like sugar and will not pack.  There are still trees down from the Christmas Day and Dec 26 ice and wind storm.  The groomers still are unable to get through the swamps.  Reports are that Trail 12 to Midway Bar is passable.  There is a deep water/mud hole on Trail 9 between Camp 1 and Swamp Creek Road. so please go around the hole.  There were reports of open water on Trail 8A.  That situation has been fixed.  Remember this is early season riding so please ride with caution.

Trails are Looking Positive

December 16, 2016
Trails 17S and parts of 51E, besides the swamps, were groomed yesterday.  Each time the driver backed into the swamp the drag broke through.  Also, finished 10A to the swamp, 310 Road to the White Thunder Riders sign, then back.  Trails 12A and 12B will be groomed tonight.  Trail 12 to Swamp Creek Road has not been brushed or rolled as we are unable to get in until it freezes up enough.  Springstead is going to try and pack the trails there this weekend.
We are a week to 10 days from grooming through the swamps.  This is based on cold weather and we need lots of snowmobile traffic to push the frost down.  Things are looking positive.

Some Trails will open on Wednesday

December 13, 2016
Some Mercer Area Sno-Goers trails will open on Wednesday, December 14th.  Early season problems apply.  Wet swamps. Stay off lakes.  And ride safe.  Most of our swamps have been ridden over with snowmobiles, except  Trail 12 to Swamp Creek Road. With the cold temps coming, the swamps should freeze good enough for snowmobile travel without water and slush….we hope.
Trail 17 to Lac Du Flambaeu trails is fair to good. Some grooming is to start in the next day or two, for sure by the weekend where the groomer can get to.  Think cold.  It is looking good for Christmas week.

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