Work has begun on brushing all the area trails.

Mercer Area Snowmobile Trails remain closed.  ATV trails are open.  Work has begun on brushing all the area trails.  A wet fall last year and then an over abundance of rain this summer has caused extremely wet trails and overflowing swamps.  Photos have been added to the gallery of some of the trails worked on October 20 – 22.  These photos were taken on Trails 12, 13, the 8’s and 10’s and 12A.  We would like to thank the following area members and the Heartland Polar Riders; Tom Renz, Wayne Renz, Dave Reigler, Jack Gruenke, Doug Westenberger, Andy Smith, Rob Coplin, Kurt Richter, Norm Weidner and Bill Hollenkamp for doing an awesome job brushing the Mercer Area trails.  Think cold temps to firm up the trails and freeze down the swamps and then hope for snow.