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Last Groomed February 27

Base Snow 2-3 inches in spots

Latest Report March 15, 2020

Still Working…

December 11, 2018
Trail Report
December 11 2018
Conditions- Early Season
We continue to get out and work on trails, but as of today we are not able to open any additional trails. We had light traffic over the weekend which helped pack and freeze some trails. Trail 17 (the grade) remains in good condition and is still being groomed. Most riders headed north and found good riding around Hurley, but marginal riding to the west and east. We do expect the Flowage to be marked soon and we will update everyone as soon as that happens. At this point let’s all hope for more snow, but if you want to get out and do a little riding the opportunity is there.

Open Trails Update

December 6, 2018
An updated report this Thursday morning from Forestry regarding trails that are open today:
Mercer area: Trail 17 from Hwy 51 (Lazy Aces) north to Hurley.
Hurley area: Trail 17
Trail 8 from Cty G to West Branch Rd
Trail 8B
Trail 13C
Trail 77
Trail 2 & 2A
Trail 15A
Trail 13 to Island Lake Rd
Trail 15 Hogsback to Island Lake Rd
Trail 11A
Trail 6
The remaining trails are closed due to low snow and/or wet conditions. The Snowmobile Clubs will be assessing trail conditions on a daily basis and will open them on a trail by trail basis notifying the Forestry Department and Chambers of Commerce of the changes. Early riding conditions exist and water crossings are not considered safe. Please use caution!!

Trails Set to Open…

December 5, 2018

Trail Report

December 5, 2018

Condition: Early Season

**NEWS ALERT** Iron County Snowmobile Trails will open Thursday December 6th. Please expect early season riding. You will encounter some wet areas, some areas with thin snow, and not all trails have been groomed. At this time Wednesday afternoon, the only trail we have groomed is Trail 17 (the grade) from Lazy Ace heading north, this trail is fair to good with a nice base. Trail 182 will remain closed for this weekend. The gate at Hwy 51 past Lazy Ace. will remain closed until Vilas County opens their trails. Also, Trail 8A is not passable and will remain closed until we can complete a snow bridge. At this time the lakes are not marked and ice conditions vary this time of year, please use extreme caution. As we continue to groom more trails we will keep everyone updated. Let’s Ride!

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