Trail Report

Trail Report: 01/04/2023
8- excellent
8a- good (swamp still not groomed in middle)
9- good
9a- good
10 & 10a- good (complete grooming operations)
10e- great (some logging)
11- good
12-poor (very wet hole) travel not advised
14- good
17n- good
17s- good
19- great
19b- not groomed (log hauling)
20- excellent
21- good
51e- good (main swamp is ungroomed)
182b- poor (wet spots) not groomed
182- poor (wet spots) not groomed
Grooming operations are at about 75 percent. We are working new areas daily. The busy weekend set our base back a bit but new snow that we received should improve the system.
Upcoming Events:
January 14th- Winter Blast