Trail Report

Trail Report: 01/19/2022
8- Great Condition
8a- Good Condition
Plowed at north end for logging operations
9- Good Condition from 14 south. Plowed route from 14 to 77
9a- Good Condition (groomed trail)
10 & 10a- Good Condition
10e- Good Condition
11- Good Condition
12 From 13 to 9a- Good Condition
12 From 9 to Ashland County- Good Condition (now groomed)
12A&B- Fair Condition
14- Great Condition
17n- Fair Condition
17s- Fair Condition
19 From 51E to County highway J- Great Condition
19 From Trail Marker 631(Cedar Lake circle) to 19B intersection- Good Condition
19 From County Highway J to 20 is route travel
19b- Good Condition
20- Great Condition
21 From 17 to Flowage- Fair Condition (groomed shoulders of route)
21 In the town of Springstead is route travel
51e- Good Condition
182b- Good Condition
182- Good Condition
(closed from intersection of 182b to the west)
(Poor western end entering price county due to wet area)
Please note Our trails have experienced heavy traffic in the last week and our snow quality has degraded. Thank you to everyone that came and enjoyed area trails this past week and enjoy the north woods.
Upcoming Events:
January 29th- Breakfast Fundraiser at the Pub
February 1st- Club Ride
February 8th- Club Ride
February 19th- President’s Ride
February 26th- BRAAPFEST