Trail Report

Trail Report 01/27/2021:

8- Good Condition

8A- Good Condition

9- Fair Condition

9A- Good Condition

10-  Fair to Good Condition

10E- Fair to Good Condition

11- Good Condition

12- Fair to Good Condition

12A&B- Poor to Fair Condition

14- Great Condition

17N- Fair Condition

17S- Fair Condition

19- Good Condition

19B- Poor Condition, Not Groomed Yet

20- Good Condition

51E- Poor to Fair Condition

182- Poor Condition

Still Expect Early Season Riding Conditions, trails are still thin in spots but are rideable. The further north you go on our trail system the better riding you will find.

We have received over 4 inches of new snow since our last trail report which helped brighten things up.

Next club ride is February 2nd at 9:30am with a General Membership Meeting at The Birches at 6:30pm.

Please ride safe, ride right, and know where you are.