Need Snow….

Trail Report
December 22, 2018
Conditions: Poor

We have received flurries for the last couple days but nothing substantial. We got out and rode yesterday, we found the grade (Trail 17) had a solid base, no rocks, gravel, or dirt showing anywhere. However, it is froze solid with minimal snow to cool down the machine. Once we got to 3-10 Rd the snow amounts did pick up and White Thunder Riders of northern Iron County were out grooming last night. In short you can use the grade to go north but the riding in Mercer now is poor. We only need 4-6 inches of good snow to get out and do some grooming, let’s keep watching the forecast and as conditions change we will let you know ASAP. FYI we closed a section of Trail 19 from Cedar Lake Rd to the Winchester Grade for logging. It is really wet in there and the logger needs to use the trail. We will let you know as soon as they are done 1-2 weeks.