Let’s Ride…

Trail Report
January 8 2019
Conditions Good

We picked up 5 inches of heavy wet snow yesterday followed by light rain, these temps show that it should be a great weekend for riding as the trails will setup nicely. Trails have a solid base and we continue to get out and groom. There are still some wet areas but overall the system is in good condition. 

All trails listed below have been groomed with tractors and are fair to good condition:
Trail 17 N S
Trail 51 E to MW
Trail 19 to J from Lazy Ace
Trail 12 a b
Trail 10 to both sides of swamp
Trail 8 a to and from Bass Lake Rd
Trail 10 E and 8
Trail 19 and 20

Trail 19 North of Cedar Lake Rd is done logging but not being groomed yet

Trail 182 still needs some more work

14 and 9c are plowed and will not be groomed by us this year

Trail 12 not groomed due to open water