Trails POOR, Grooming on hold

Current TRAIL CONDITIONS: As of now the Mercer Area trails are POOR but rideable. All grooming is on hold until we get some measureable snow. As of 9 am temp is 39 degrees with light rain. Just a reminder….the flowage is no longer marked.

Trails are POOR, Flowage is no longer staked

Trail Report: As of today the trail condition is very very poor and all Mercer Area trails are unrideable. Due to the warm temps, sun and rain this past week most trails and plowed roads are bare. Also, some of the swamps and creeks have opened back up. Forecast is for snow Friday through noon on Saturday. We are currently under a winter weather watch with snow predictions of anywhere from 6 – 12 inches. As everyone knows weather forecasts sometimes tend to be wrong. If we do get some measureable snow the club will be starting back out at square one with the panning, rolling and grooming trails. Also note, the flowage is no longer staked.

Trails listed as GOOD but warmer weather in forecast

Trail Report — There was a lot of traffic in the Mercer Area this past weekend. All trails have been groomed. However, due to warmer weather and sunny skies the past couple of days, the trails have been down graded to good. Corners are again icy, there are a few bare spots and yesterday there were reports of water from melting snow on some of the trails. Forecast as of now is for cooler more seasonable temperatures tomorrow and then warming back up starting Friday with temps being in the 40’s with mostly sunny skies. Including a few other area trail reports below. Reminder there will be a Chili Feed on Saturday at the Great Northern Motel from 11am – 2pm.
HURLEY Snowmobile Trail Report, Monday, February 13, 2017 — 10:00 am White Thunder Riders report all trails in GOOD condition. Trails were well traveled this past weekend as we welcomed numerous riders to the area. The ALL VOLUNTEER groomer team has been out and all trails are groomed and ready to ride. Forecast shows possibility of snow mid week, however, we recommend that you check back daily for updates.
BOULDER JUNCTION – Trail report for February 13 2017-Trails are fair to good. With the warmer weather and the increased traffic over the weekend our trails have degraded somewhat. I took a ride with the wife to Manitowish Waters yesterday and the trails were pretty good. The corners are icy and bare and as you get closer to town it can get bumpy. The logging areas have very little snow and sun is getting stronger this time of year so the trails with the southern exposure can start to degrade quickly.
There is no snow expected in the immediate future so we will do what we can with the trails.                                                                                                                               

PARK FALLS – Warm temperatures on February 13 changed our trail conditions from good to excellent to poor to fair. Most roads are bare, most logging projects are now mud or gravel, in the open areas there are bare spots, creeks are opening up again and we just don’t have enough snow to fix the bad spots. Clubs are grooming and will be where possible until Friday. It looks like the temperatures through Thursday will be cold enough to at least keep what we have, but after Thursday conditions will deteriorate rapidly, the weekend looks really bad. In the Price County Snowmobile Trails Association opinion riders can find trails to ride in the wooded areas but getting there will be a problem. I would NOT recommend telling snowmobilers to come up for the weekend. Hopefully the weather pattern will change and late February and March will provide some good spring riding conditions.

Trails Very Good to Excellent

TRAIL CONDITIONS – Mercer Area got roughly 6 inches of snow yesterday. Some areas got a little more and some a little less. Moisture in the snow made for great grooming as it packed well. All trails are being groomed, minus a few swamp areas, so it should be good riding this coming weekend. Trails are rated as very good to excellent.  If in the area this weekend please check out the All-U-Can Eat Club Breakfast at Gateway Lodge on Saturday from 7:30am to 11am.

Trails remain GOOD

Trail Report….Overall trails continue to be good. The groomers are out getting the trails back into shape after a very busy weekend in the Mercer Area. The Flowage is getting better but there are still some rough areas so use caution and slow down. We are still unable to groom Trail #12 to Swamp Creek Road, Trail #12 from Camp 1 to Midway Bar and about a half mile stretch on Trail #19.  These trails are rough but rideable.  All other trails are good to excellent. Forecast is for snow the next couple of days and hopefully this time we will actually get some measurable snow.